Thursday, August 21, 2014

T Minus 19 Days until the Invictus Games!!!

How is it even possible that we are less than 20 days away from the Invictus Games?!? We still have a ton of Jeremiah for the Gold T-Shirts at the new discounted donation of $10 so make sure to visit this page to find out how you can order yours!!!

Now onto what you really want to hear about...Here is an update from Jeremiah!

The last training camp before Invictus and the Warrior Games was in Colorado Springs. It was beautiful, as always, and I was sad to leave. This trip was great for multiple reasons. One was being able to see the whole team together again. It is always fun and there are many laughs along the way.

During this trip we got to see what the altitude would feel like and require of us while hand cycling. I was told during the camp that I would not be swimming during the Warrior Games because of the rating I was given by the Olympic Training Committee (OTC). The lead coaches did not like this news because I would be swimming against able bodied people with leg kick ability. They decided to do this because they wanted to set me up for success and not failure. So I will just be swimming at the Invictus Games because we do not yet know how we will be rated. With that decided and out of the way I still had to swim for two days at this camp and that was fun. 

I hand cycled two days of the camp. On day one I rode 12.59 miles and day two I rode 17.89 miles at the Air Force Academy. There were such beautiful views and the track was on a mountain. It was fun and fast going down but low and slow coming up. 

We went to Fort Carson for two days and shot air rifle. On the last day we had a match and I tied for first in the match and came in second during the noise finals. It was a good group to shoot with! 

For three days I shot archery with the new competition bow I was given. It was frustrating trying to get used to a new bow and a new way of shooting. On the brighter side, Ashley and I had a camera crew following us all week long videoing and taking pictures. They even recorded my breathing while shooting air rifle and archery. They got some cool underwater pictures while I was swimming too. At the end of the week both Ashley and I were interviewed about what life has been like for us since 2009, and how these adaptive sports have aided in my recovery. 

During the week, Ashley, along with all of the other NMA's (non medical attendants) were taken on a horse back ride through the the mountains of Colorado Springs. 

There were other perks to this trip, as well. On the flight out Ashley got to experience what first class was like. We also found out that the jounalists that followed us all week had plans to come to Georgia to follow Ashley in her normal, everyday ventures of being a disabled veterans wife, as well as a mother. Needless to say she was not sure about doing this at first but after talking about it and seeing how many more people we may be able to reach for Christ, she said yes. 

We had one really excited 5 year-old when we got home and he was excited to see what we got for him while we were gone.

Thank you so much for all your support! I can't wait to represent everyone at the Invictus and Warrior Games!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

T-Shirts On SALE!!!

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